“Kryivka” is the very first unique thematic restaurant of Lviv, where cute waitresses in uniform and with sham guns will service you, and, apart from the possibility to taste delicious Ukrainian food, you can even shoot with blanks into the ceiling from different gun of World WarII. The restaurant is located in historical center of the city, on Market  Square and is made quite clandestine. When you finally find it out, it appears that the main door is shut. How to enter? Knock the small window and a guard opens a window for you with the exclaim: “Slava Ukrainy” (“Glory to Ukraine”). You need to answer: “Geroyam slava” (“Glory to the Heroes”) and at the very moment you are let in. After this you are offered to drink a small glass of Ukrainian mead vodka and pointed out to the entrance of the restaurant itself through the open doors of the wardrobe you stand by. YES! This is a real “Bandera hideout” (UPA soldier’s dugout). The interior of the restaurant distinctly conveys period look of a real wood dugout of WWII: weapons and different national items of the war… Be sure that your impressions will be unforgettable!

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