Glorious ancient Chernigiv city has a lot of interesting architectural places but the most wonderful and historic one is Red Square in the center of the city.

Is “Red Square” named after eponymous Moscow one? No! Life on the Red Square in Chernigiv overflew thousand years before.  Numerous archeological finds are an excellent evidence of this: remains of business and residential premises, industrial complexes, many household items and tools. At the times of Kiev Russ Red Square was part of a roundabout city – trade and crafts district of Chernigiv.

For all the time of Red Square existence it was a witness of many important historical events of Ukraine, taking into account the invasion of Mongol-Tatar troops. Only at the beginning of the nineteenth century stalls appeared, city magistrate was built (building of the regional administration of the National bank of Ukraine today) on Red Square.  Most of the incredible buildings surrounding Red Square were built in Stalin baroque style. These are three to four storey buildings. This is a very beautiful and historically important place of sightseeing in Chernigiv. 

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