On a high rock hill seventy kilometers far from Ternopil there is majestic Pochaiv Lavra. For its beauty and repeating the miracle of Jerusalem (Holy Mother of God left a foot print on the rock, as soft wax) this place is called second Jerusalem. The main dignity of Pochaiv Lavra is the Cathedral of the Koimesis of the Mother of God.In the cathedral church, above the doors, the famous miracle-working icon of Our Lady was placed. The Shrine of Our Lady Laura was a Foot (foot print on solid limestone tufa). Inside the Cathedral of the Koimesis of the Mother of God there is a miraculous spring, fenced with iron bars and covered with the ark. Inside the rock, under the Foot Print, there is a cave where water is flowing drop by drop in blood vessels and distributed to pilgrims.

The beauty of the Monastery, its spiritual power is made by exceptionally painted churches and tick walls, inhabitants of the monastery. A holiday and everyday worship at the monastery is a cleansing of the human soul, acquiring the grace of God.

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