Red Cave (Kizil Koba)

In Crimea, you can see one of the largest caves in Eastern Europe – Red Cave (Kizil Koba), formed on limestone. If you visit Ukraine, this place is worth seeing. The name of the cave can be translated as Red. Dominating colour inside is all shades of red as pure white calcite is stained by lots of traces of iron in the rock. It’s amazing to see how nature indicates its presence in a cave because it is decorated with stalactites, stalagmites, carnalities and ordinary cobblestones and presents itself as a complex with lots of intricate tunnels and halls. On the lower floor of the cave, the deepest underground river Sioux-Uchkhan flows. There are also lots of waterfalls and lakes. Besides that, there were tracks of primitive people parking in the cave, who were living few chiliads ago. The length of the equipped part of the cave available for excursions is 500m. You can also scuba dive and see that part of the cave blocked with a siphon (corridor U-shaped, filled with water). Extreme feelings are guaranteed!

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