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Surrounded by rolling green grass and nodding purple flowers, Khotyn Fortress is like something out of a fairytale. Much like the bed-time stories of the medieval era, Khotyn Fortress hides a grim history behind the striking appearance.

A tour through this interesting piece of medieval architecture is a great opportunity to learn about Ukraine’s archaic history.


  • A chance to learn about the medieval history of Khotyn Fortress
  • Luxury hotel stays in Kamianets-Podilskyi
  • Private tour with a well-informed guide

Know before you book:

  • Important to dress appropriately as the winter seasons can get chilly
  • There is allowed a maximum of 10 people per booking
  • Tours that cross the border between Ukraine and Moldova will require visas


Located on the bank of the Dniester River, Khotyn Fortress is a 10th-century relic of Ukraine’s military history and one of the many famous Ukrainian castles. The fort was built to protect the ancient settlement in Khotyn as well as the river crossing. With impenetrable walls and tall towers, this fortress has been featured in a few films over the years. The dominating atmosphere inside the castle itself will leave visitors wondering at the potential fallen heroes who once walked there.

Learn all about Ukrainian history and the warriors that fought behind the great walls of the Khotyn Fortress. With such a peaceful surrounding it can be difficult to imagine the gruesome battles that occurred around this site. The castle has also been perfectly preserved and is commonly dubbed the most beautiful castle in Ukraine. Very photogenic from the outside and filled with photos, weapons, and armor in the museum within, Khotyn Fortress is a novel tourist attraction.

Khotyn Fortress Prices 2021

The cost of the tours starts at about $78 USD (2075 UAH) to $807.68 USD (21500 UAH) depending on the length of the tour as well as the number of passengers. Tours can accommodate up to 10 guests per booking.

Compare prices across the ticket providers below:

Khotyn Fortress Opening Times

Khotyn Castle and surrounding landmarks tours start at around 9 am and can last from between 5 hours to 4 days. Guests have the option of beginning their tour anywhere between 9 am and noon.

Monday - Sunday: 9 am - 3 pm

Best Time to Go to Khotyn

Khotyn Fortress tours operate under all weather conditions but the best time to go is during the summer months. Nobody wants to be trudging through historical sites in the rain. The sunnier summer days are ideal for viewing the famed fortress and picturesque green grass and budding flowers that surround it.

Summer in Ukraine begins around May every year and lasts until late August.

Historical Sites Near Khotyn Fortress

Ukraine is a country brimming with history and unusual locations. Khotyn Fortress itself is located in the historical northern Bessarabia region of Western Ukraine. This region was divided in 1940 between Ukraine and Baldova. Located around Khotyn Fortress are a number of other notable sites and locations including:

  • Starokonstantyniv is a town located in Kamenets-Podolski. Home to the Starokonstantyniv Castle - a fortress that played a major role in Ukraine’s struggle for independence - this ancient town has countless stories to tell. Most notably, the Battle of Starokonstantyniv in 1648, put this town on the map. Visitors will be able to visit museums and monuments dedicated to the rampant history of Starokonstantyniv.
  • Kamianets-Podilsky is a Historical city in Western Ukraine and a draw for tourists interested in antiquity. Kamianets-Podilsky has seen many rulers since its founding by the ancient Dacians. The city was destroyed by Mongolian invaders and rebuilt by Polish Kings as a barrier against Ottoman and Tatar invasions. Following a brief inclusion into the Ottoman Empire, Kamianets-Podilsky was then given back to Poland before falling under Russian rule in 1793. This sleepy city is not only home to a myriad of gorgeous architecture but holds remnants of multiple cultures as well.
  • The Border Crossing between Ukraine and Moldova was established after the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991. The Moldovan village of Palanca is a unique attraction as travelers will have to cross the border and pass through it in order to reach the Ukrainian city of Odessa Oblast. There are specific border crossings for only civilians of Moldova and Ukraine as well as a few for foreign travelers. Khotyn Fortress tours that include a trip to Moldova will take the latter route.
  • Moldovan Wine Farms are a staple throughout the country. With a well-established wine industry, a trip to a Moldovan wine farm is a must for any traveling wine lover. Many Moldovan families have recipes for unique homemade wine passed down through generations and a number of small vineyards litter the area. Visitors will also be inclined to visit Circova for private and group wine tastings. Circova is one of the biggest wine cellars in Europe and is an intrinsic part of Moldovan history.
  • Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova. While the origin of the city is unclear, Chisinau is a timeless city with a collection of magnificent architecture to boot. From the iconic Catedrala Nașterea Domnului to the Chișinău-Ungheni-Iași railway, this city is an architectural wonderland. Originally owned by the Russian Empire, the city played an important role in the war between Russia and the Ottoman Empire.
  • The Unrecognized Republic of Transnistria is a breakaway state between the Dniester River and the Moldovan–Ukrainian border. With an unresolved political status, Transnistria is an interesting location to examine. The republic is a melting pot of ethnic groups made up of Russian, Ukrainian, and Moldovan.
  • Odessa is the third most populous city in Ukraine. Odessa is both a major center for Ukrainian tourism as well as a seaport and transport hub. Located along the northwestern shore of the black sea, this popular city is an ideal stop for travelers moving through Ukraine. Odessa is home to hotspots like the Primorsky Boulevard and Arcadia District as well as a number of statues and monuments unique to Ukraine.

Khotyn Fortress Options

Tourists have the option of exploring Khotyn Fortress on a 5 hr day tour or an extended expedition. The shorter tour is perfect for a well-rounded exploration of the unique fortress. The longer tour includes visits to a few other notable attractions as well as a stop at Khotyn Fort.

Khotyn Fortress Private Day Trip | From Kamianets-Podilskyi

This private day trip is the ideal way to visit one of Ukraine’s most popular castles. Expect round-trip transportation from hotels in Kamianets-Podilskyi. Tourists are encouraged to immerse themselves in the rich medieval history of Khotyn Fort with help from a private tour guide.

This tour is both an educational experience and a marvelous photo opportunity. Enjoy views of the Dniester River and the surrounding flora. Snap some postcard-worthy shots of the fortress itself and go home with something to boast about. Guests will also be given the option of a light lunch at a local restaurant nearby.

What we liked: Informative and to-the-point day trip to satisfy your curiosity.


  • Professional guide
  • Transport in a private vehicle
  • Hotel pickup and dropoff


  • Food and drinks
  • Gratuities
  • Wine tasting

This tour boasts a flexible itinerary and personal attention from a private tour guide. Skip the crowds and avoid the hassle of public touring with this exclusive, accommodating trip. Explore the museum relics within the famed fortress and the ancient armor and weaponry that was once wielded here.

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4-Day Khotyn Group Tour | From Kyiv

This tour is best suited for travelers looking for a longer adventure. Visit cultural highlights of both Ukraine and Moldova with this extended 4-day tour. This tour departs from Kyiv and takes guests through the town of Starokonstantyniv as well as the city of Kamianets-Podilsky. After a tour of Khotyn Fort, a private guide will escort groups across the border to Moldova. Here guests will be able to sample Moldovan wine.

After four days of exploration and 3 night stays in 3-star hotels, guests will visit the Republic of Transnistria before returning to Ukraine and making one last stop at Odessa.

What we liked: Perfect for anyone looking for an extended tour that includes the surrounding area.


  • 3-night accommodation in hotel
  • Hotel pickup and dropoff
  • Wine tasting in Cricova


  • Food and drinks unless specified
  • Gratuities
  • Permits to cross the border

This lengthy tour is a 4-day adventure for any tourists looking to learn the history of Ukraine and its neighboring country, Moldova. It’s not every day that travelers get to cross the border into Ukraine’s European adjoining country. This is also a great chance to get a taste of some local Moldovan wine.

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Khotyn Fortress | Day Tours 2021
Khotyn Fortress | Conclusion
Now one of the most important tourist centers of Bukovina, Khotyn Fortress is a popular attraction in Ukraine. A trip to this gigantic castle fort is a worthwhile experience. Friends and family of all ages will enjoy these daytime tours and learn a little more about Ukraine’s interesting background. Step through the bolted doors and back in time to the days of warring and warriors with these affordable Khotyn Fortress Tours.
Value For Money
  • Short distance from Cernauti / Chernivtsi
  • Private transportation and tour guide
  • Interesting way to learn Ukraine’s history
  • Long walk from the car park to the fortress
  • Food not included in tour costs
  • Fort may be closed during historical festival days

Specification: Khotyn Fortress | Day Tours 2021


Not wheelchair accessible


5hrs - 4 days


Private tour guide and transportation


Papers for border crossings


Food and drink not included


Hotel pickup and dropoff included

Suited For

Solo adventurers and families with older children

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Khotyn Fortress | Day Tours 2021
Khotyn Fortress | Day Tours 2021


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