Uchan-Su Waterfall

The Uchan-Su Waterfall is the thundering just eight kilometres from the city of Yalta spectacular waterfall. This covered with legends. The waterfall is higher than its well-known fellow Niagara Falls (98 metres).

The Uchan-Su Waterfall is formed by the namesake river that originates at the edge of one of the Ai-Petri tops and flows down the steep slope, falling with a crash at the altitude of 390 meters. Its torrent strikes stone ledges and turns into water dust, providing a fantastic spectacle.

The Uchan-Su Waterfall from the Crimean Tatar language means “flying water.” Crimean Greeks named it Kremasto Nero or “hanging water”. The falls completely corresponds to this number of names and many faces: it looks different at different times of the year. Rugged and rumbling in the spring, it becomes a few lazy water streams in the summer, trickling down. In severe winter, it freezes, turning into an impressive canvas, as if woven of crystal fibres.

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