Communications and Media


Mass media are very much diversified in Ukraine: numerous newspapers, journals and magazines, books. TV channels offer Ukrainian and foreign audience a great number of interesting programs and shows. Radio stations present various types of music and programs to anybody’s taste. Thirty radio stations operate in Kyiv alone


A few large providers of stationary and mobile telephone communication function in Ukraine.

International telephone code of Ukraine is +380

If you want to call someone who resides in Ukraine (e.g., +380441234556), you have to dial 0-44-123-45-56; 44 – is a code of Kyiv.

If you need to make an international call from Ukraine, you have to dial “0” (to hear a continuous signal), then to dial “0” again, and without an interval you dial a country’s code, a city’s code and a telephone number of a called subscriber.

The same procedure is when you use a mobile phone. For example, the number is +380971234567. While in Ukraine, you have to dial 0-97-123-45-67. It is as simple as that.

The following are the codes of mobile communication in Ukraine:

  • 67, 96, 97, 98 – KYIVSTAR
  • 50, 66, 95, 99 – MTS
  • 63, 93 – LIFE:)
  • 91 – UTEL
  • 92 – PEOPLENET

Staying in touch with your country while in Ukraine

The best way to maintain the connection with your country when you travel in Ukraine is to buy a SIM-card of any Ukrainian mobile operator and to join the best tariff plan offered. You have to take into account what kind of calls you will make more often. All in-coming calls are free; many operators give beneficial tariff plans and discount programs.

Having bought a card and called to the service of this or that operator, you can choose the language. You will have a PIN-code of the access to a telephone number in the starting packet; to activate the SIM-card you have to dial it. You can buy a starting packet in any service center or a shop; there you can also buy a voucher to refill your account and other accessories. Every starting packet has a fixed tariff plan and if you want to change it you need to pay for this service.

To refill an account it is necessary to buy SCRATCH cards with different nominal values. You can also contact a service center and its employees will place a due amount of money on your account. A terminal is of great help: you dial your telephone number and insert money into the machine. Such terminals are located in shopping centers, stores, business centers, universities and other places. You can also use an automatic teller to refill your account in proper currency. The Internet is another way of refilling the account. Money can be transferred from one telephone number to another, if the same provider is used. The information can be provided in the service center or on a voucher.

A traveler may keep his telephone number on the territory of Ukraine because Ukrainian operators support roaming almost with all the countries in the world. Strangers benefit from this, but they are charged much more. Most operators suggest that incoming calls should be paid. In general, wherever you are in Ukraine, you will be serviced by the network which has the strongest signal in that area. So your family or partners can call you using your regular telephone number and you will stay in touch with them no matter how long you are willing to travel in Ukraine.

Besides, you can use tourist mobile cards which operate in many countries or telephones which are serviced by the providers of satellite communication.

Getting telereference and other useful telephone numbers

In case of emergency:

  • 101 – wrecking department of Ukraine’s  MES (Ministry of Emergency Situations);
  • 102 – militia/police;
  • 103 – ambulance;
  • 104 – gas breakdown service

A single emergency number 112 will be initiated in all regional centers by the end of 2012.

Getting telereference:

  • 109 – city telephone information office;
  • 1559 – city business information office helps find out about transport schedule, telephone codes of Ukraine and elsewhere, indices/codes, information about embassies, navigation in more than 25 cities of Ukraine.
  • 559 – all-Ukrainian business information office gives contact information of Ukrainian companies and organizations, information about goods and service (market supply, discounts and stock), medication, recreation, transport service, tourism, and highlights of the day.

Reference on mobile communication service and that of CDMA operators

  • KYIVSTAR – 477, 466 or 0444662466 from a stationary telephone;
  • MTS – 111 or 0442400000 from a stationary telephone;
  • LIFE:) – 5433 or 0800205433 from a stationary telephone;
  • UTEL – contact center 0800506800;
  • PEOPLENET – 111 or 0445060506;
  • INTERTELECOM – 0800505075 – information-support center for the company’s clients.

Television, Radio and Press

Television offers various information for its audience: entertaining, musical and information channels. Portals of business channels, which are numerous in the Internet, provide information in English,, being the ones where you can get the latest Ukrainian and world news.  Musical TV-channels propose collections of the best Ukrainian and world performers to anybody’s taste. Radio companies have different information and musical programs for the listeners.

The edition variety - journals, magazines and newspapers - is incredible in Ukraine: business and economy, the latest news, advertisement, agribusiness, fashion news, you name it. All this is sold in press-kiosks. In addition, you can buy periodical press, published in foreign languages, in many hotels. A lot of magazines and newspapers have electronic versions in foreign languages and they can be easily found in the Internet.


You can use the Internet service in any hotel (Wi-Fi) or in many restaurants, especially in fast-food facilities. You can also visit the nearest Internet-café where you can get both computer service and a cup of coffee.

Wireless Internet service can be included into the hotel charge or you may be asked to pay separately for it. The Internet access can be guaranteed by a mobile provider via a mobile telephone or with a special modem to a laptop. The advantage of this kind of the access is that it can be used in any place while traveling.

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