Foreign business community

International business community follows the events that take place in Ukraine after it has got its independence and the current development of the economy and political life, investment climate of the country and opportunities for new business development.

International investors watch closely the progress in political, social-economic, integrating life of the country. It explains a great number of business agencies which operate in Ukraine. 

  • The Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine was initiated in 1992 in Ukraine. Its mission is to incorporate leading companies and organizations regardless of the country of their origin. The institution advocates a business community which is guided by honest and open principles. The Chamber of Commerce supports the access to information resources, contact information and service aimed at attracting investments to Ukraine.
  • U.S.-Ukraine Business Council is a non-commercial, private trade association which represents the interests of the American companies which operate in Ukraine. It favors American and Ukrainian business relations and the cooperation of Ukrainian and American market and economy leaders.
  • The European Business Association was created in 1999 as a forum, which would discuss the issue of a private sector in Ukraine. People who saw the potential of the association and its functions in Ukraine started up the process of experience-sharing in doing successful business.


   Anna Derevyanko
   Executive Director
   European Business Association
“The change that Ukraine is going through brings along many possibilities. Companies large and small can find investment opportunities across the country, but undertaking the investment successfully requires local experience and knowledge, something that we at EBA have been striving to provide to our members”


  • EU Ukraine Business Council is a non-commercial company which encourages trade and investment between EU and Ukraine. Its main purpose is to facilitate the companies in Ukraine to extend their business potential, to have a dialog with the governments, to avoid difficulties while entering EC and world markets.
  • International Centre for Policy Studies is an independent agency to promote public concept of policy and practice through economic and political analysis.
  • The UK - Ukraine Professional Network was worked out to share the experience of British and world organizations and to launch new ideas in Ukraine. Besides, this relationship makes it possible to strengthen economic, cultural and scientific affairs between Ukraine and Great Britain.

In addition to the above-mentioned associations, a lot of other institutions are a success and their number grows every year. Ukraine is ready and willing to adopt world experience in doing efficient business. Ukraine’s integration into the world community is of paramount importance.

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