Architecture in Ukraine

Historical facts

Architecture of Ukraine has taken a long historical path of its development since ancient times till present days. The works of world-known architects are represented in Ukraine.

Medieval architecture was initiated in Kyiv Rus. Timber was used to build palaces, fortresses, churches. Later Byzantine style was introduced. Monasteries-fortresses of that time resembled castles; the major cathedral was in the centre of defensive walls which in turn protected from enemies’ attacks.

Gothic architecture (XIV-XV centuries) – the arrival of German settlers was significant, as they brought new trades and architectural styles. It was then that Catholic churches were built.

In XVIII century European style gained its popularity in Ukraine’s architecture. In particular, Italian architect Rastrelli constructed Mariyinskyi palace in Kyiv; the building is still the residence of Ukraine’s President.

The construction of palaces and public buildings began to predominate from the end of XVIII century. Rare/unique architectural monuments are typical for a classical style.

A modern architectural style is widely spread and well represented in public buildings.

Up-to-date architecture becomes more global and pluralistic; it presents new ideas and tendencies. Contemporary architecture requires more creative and advanced examples. It is exactly what Ukrainian and famous European architects work at.

Architectural Ukraine

The Ukrainians are proud of the masterpieces of architecture which can be seen everywhere in Ukraine. The outstanding cities from the point of view of architecture, which is represented in various styles and epochs, are Lviv, Chernivtsi, Uzhhorod (Western Ukraine), Odesa (Southern Ukraine), Kyiv. Indeed, Lviv is the most fascinating city of Ukraine; even today its architecture and narrow paved streets give the visitors the feeling of a retro style.

The capital of Ukraine demonstrates a combination of numerous architectural tendencies. Many historical masterpieces underwent restoration and now they look quite modern. In fact, this integration makes the capital of Ukraine one of the best cities in Europe, emphasizing all architectural achievements beginning from ancient times till XXI century.

Top 5 interesting places of Ukraine:

  • Memorial “Motherland’
  • Central square in Kharkiv
  • Palaces in the Crimea
  • Chersonese
  • Balaklava

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