The Centre of Ukraine


Central Ukraine is a land of rich cultural traditions and historical facts.  The dominant branch is agriculture as this region gives the biggest harvests in Ukraine. Other good developed branches are food, light and tourism industry. Beautiful landscapes, nature and a lot of places really worth attending attract people to explore central regions.

Central Ukraine includes Khmelnytsk, Vinnytsia, Kirovohrad and Cherkasy regions.  

The largest cities

Khmelnytskyi is an administrative center of Khmelnytsk region. The city is 600 years old. Recently the city has undergone significant changes and improvements; it became a cultural and scientific center of the region. Khmelnytskyi has a great potential for future progress; guests of the city are gladly welcomed here.

Vinnytsia – If you want to visit a nice, home-felt and at the same time a picturesque and rich in cultural monuments city, then you are more than welcome to Vinnytsia. The word Vinnytsia means distillery where wine beer was made. In the past Vinnytsia was a center of wine production. Nowadays Vinnytsia attracts visitors with its hospitality and friendliness; places of interest tell the stories about the past and the present days. The population of the city is 300 thousand residents.

Kirovohrad is an administrative center of Kirovohrad region, 240 thousand people live in it. It is a nice city with beautiful architecture and historic monuments which can tell a lot of interesting things about the region.  

Cherkasy is a picturesque city with glorious and eventful history, which lies on the right bank of the Dnipro and is surrounded with pine forests. More than 280 thousand people live in this nice green city with lots of parks and squares. Cherkasy residents and guests can admire fantastic landscapes and sights of the Dnipro shore front. 

Places of interest

  • Kamianets-Podilska Fortress

Kamianets-Podilska Fortress is situated in the city of Kamianets-Podilskyi; it is here that the history of the city starts. The Fortress looks like an elongate multangular fenced with high walls, each corner is crowned with a bath.

  • Dendrological Park “Sofiyivka”

Dendrological Park “Sofiyivka” is situated in the city of Uman, Cherkasy region. The park, well-known all over the world, is a true creation of landscape gardening of the beginning of XVIII and the end of XIX centuries; it is among such wonders of European park creation as Balbi Gardens in Florence, San-Susi Park in Potsdam and a palace park in Versailles.

  • Zhashkiv equine-sport complex

Zhashkiv equine-sport complex – Equine sport becomes more popular with every coming year both in Ukraine and elsewhere. No wonder, it is not sport alone, it is philosophy. Zhashkiv complex is a rare combination of elegant sport and convenient rest. If you are ready to initiate something new and out of ordinary, then this is the right place for you: the atmosphere of equine sport and high quality European recreation. Many international competitions in equine sport are held here. Several restaurants, hotels, recreation halls, bowling, faultless service and other niceties – this is exactly what you need to have a rest according to European standard.

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