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Tourism in Ukraine means to take repose in a fabulous country with exceptional nature and history, each spot of the country being extraordinary in its own way. Tours in Ukraine are perfect for those who are willing to have a good rest during a short period of time. Guests of the country will be pleasantly surprised at a variety of amazing places to be visited. Traveling in Ukraine is touring the country with fascinating Crimean Mountains, gentle Black Sea and magnificent peaks of the Carpathian Mountains.

Recreation in Ukraine is diversified very much. There are facilities for active amusement and extreme tourism, you can admire the scenery during bus tours or improve your health at curative resorts in various parts of the country. 


Ukraine is a unique country with various kinds of amusement and recreation, namely, concerts, festivals and so on. In some cities talented performers present the audience with their music skills. Entertainment centers in big cities do their best to produce their own projects and programs and to attract thousands of spectators; in this way they help people relax and forget about their everyday problems. Young people prefer night clubs, so-called night life. The Ukrainians are fond of corporate rest. They organize different games, contests and competitions.     

Sport complexes are available for those who like gambling, bowling, football, tennis and other sports.

Some people who consider equine sport to be a variation of repose have a possibility to attend proper facilities which correspond to European recreation standards.

Theaters, museums, concert halls

Theater-goers will enjoy drama and comedy performances at any theater of the country. Every city has several museums where you can hear stories about the history of a particular area and time and the country as a whole. Every year famous Ukrainian, Russian and foreign pop-stars participate in the concerts held across the country.

Extreme rest in Ukraine

Some people cannot stay in one place long, they do not like to sprawl on the beach and occasionally jump into the sea or a swimming-pool. Parachuting, rock- and mountain climbing, shooting strike-ball and paint-ball weapons, rafting down rapid rivers…Ukraine offers all this and even more...

One of the most popular kinds of rest spreading all over Ukraine is a well-known paintball. Entertaining, corporate, tactical or field paintball – choose whatever you like. Your choice of the game will depend on your specific wishes and the money you plan to spend. This service is provided in many Ukrainian cities.

Almost everyone is anxious to feel free in flying, to have a bird’s eye view of the ground. To satisfy this ambition, various kinds of extreme tourism appear to help people realize their dream – “to take the air”. Rope jumping is a good example; it is jumping from immobile objects both of natural and artificial origin when free falling down turns into some sort of swing of the pendulum.

People who like to fly have another way of realizing their wish. It is not a parachute, it is a steam-plane. The steam-plane flights are organized in Bukovyna area and you can have a real fun on windy days.

Rafting down rapid rivers is an adventure and testing. Speed and quickness of the response! Waves and riffles, gushing stream and oar knack! Don’t worry: an experienced instructor is always ready to help you out. All this is called rafting…

Extreme tourism helps control yourself, get rid of your complexes; it is physical tension and lots of exceptionally unforgettable feelings. To run away from dull city routine, to plunge into an adventure –active tourism – this is the best way to diversify your life. 

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