Where to eat

  • Kozyrnaya Karta KYIV
    The peculiarity of “Kozyrna Karta” restaurants is high service standards, great gastronomic variety and unforgettable atmosphere.
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  • Prague Restaurant KYIV
    The old private residence, breathtaking view of picturesque lake. Delicious cuisine, good music create sincere atmosphere of unique restaurant Prague...
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  • Shchekavytsya Restaurant KYIV
    Restaurant and Museum Shchekavytsya, a cozy place where you can taste delicious dishes prepared by old, nearly forgotten Ukrainian recipes.
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One of the most pleasant aspects of traveling abroad is local cuisine. Ukraine is famous for its tasty food. You can feel the influence of Russian, Romanian, Tatar cuisines in Ukrainian dishes, however they preserve their couleur locale. Since Ukraine has a well-developed catering infrastructure, you can easily find a nice place to eat. You will be treated to delicious food and good service by friendly waiters everywhere. 

Low-price catering

Besides fancy restaurants there are many low-price places where you can have delicious food and save some money. These are small cafeterias situated in urban and rural areas and along the road- and highways of Ukraine. Here home-made dishes can be offered. McDonalds, McFoxy and others are available for fast-food fans.

It is not expensive to eat in public catering facilities which are usually located in cities; they are very popular with students and travelers. There you can both eat and discuss various issues. .

National cuisine

There are many restaurants in Ukraine where national cuisine is promoted. The benefit of the restaurants is that they offer Ukrainians’ favorite delicious food; the visitors have a chance to taste one of the best European cuisines. Such restaurants are situated not only in the cities; they move closer to the customers and those who prefer to travel by car can also enjoy some dishes from national cuisine, for example, borsch with pampushkas (rolls), varenyky (dumplings or ravioli), holubtsi (stuffed cabbage rolls), syrnyky (cheese pancakes) and other exclusive dishes.

Pizza fans

Though pizza is not a national delicacy of Ukrainian cuisine, it is very delicious in Ukraine. It is very convenient to order home delivery and to have a nice meal without leaving your place. You can see many pizza houses while walking along the streets; they are also numerous in shopping centers and recreation areas. It is the best offer for those who like pizza, a quiet place and slow music. 


People who have a sweet tooth will definitely delight various kinds of sweets - cakes, pastries, biscuits – at coffee-shops; you can also reserve a table or several ones for every kind of celebration, corporate parties or a romantic evening for two.

Bars in Ukraine

Those who love to have fun and beer with friends can meet in the bars. Overcrowded and noisy bars (because of music and talks) are scattered up and down the country. But the main advantage of any bar is a cheerful atmosphere and friends all around.


In Ukraine there are many restaurants which offer both national cuisine and those of other countries. As a rule, you will be charged more, but food quality is worth your time and money. The restaurants, mostly located in big cities, are designed and constructed in different styles. Sometimes one can see them in shopping malls. There you can have a square meal and a good time either with your family or partners.

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