The West of Ukraine



Western Ukraine is known for the diversity of its traditions due to the fact that in the past various empires governed the area at different times, which is why the combination of different cultures is a peculiar feature of the region. Mountains are real adornment for any country, and Ukraine is no exception. The Carpathian Mountains are a pleasant winter recreation spot for many Ukrainians as well as foreigners. Those who prefer to admire Carpathian forests and hills come to this place in summer. Western Ukraine is a cultural area of the country and every region vividly demonstrates the traditions of the nation. Western Ukraine is a perfect place for resort recreation; its numerous resorts, sanatoria with mineral waters and SPA resorts are known all over.

Western Ukraine includes 6 regions: Trans-Carpathian, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Chernivtsi and Volyn. This is a cultural area of the country where many cultures are amalgamated.

The largest cities

Lviv - the cultural and festival capital of Ukraine. Lviv is a unique combination of Western andEastern cultures. Where else can one seesuch wonderful samples of Ukrainian, Polish,Genius of music, Genius of drama and Glory on the front of the opera and ballet? Lvivis a hidden pearl of Europe, which is slowly beingdiscovered by the world.Even experienced travelers say that for themLviv is one of the most unexpected discoveries 

Today Lviv is a paradise for sweet tooths. The cityboasts of dozens of places, where wonderful coffeeand hot chocolate are prepared, and wherea variety of sweets are made on location. 

If you ask a Lviv resident to introduce you to thelocal beer and cuisine, they will not make you sufferthrough their endless tales.

They  immediatelyupon meeting you, a Lviv city dweller will take you toone of the numerous local pubs and establishmentsand will successfully convince you to give your preferenceexclusively to local breweries.True fans of Lviv come to the city several times a year, because they don’t want to miss their favorite events.

The grandeur of Lviv , its beautiful buildings, the spirit of coffee houses create the atmosphere of an earthly paradise. Steaming cup of coffee carries the air of ancient Lviv. With every sip you drink the city’s soul, history, and an ancient traditions revive


Uzhhorod – the city is situated in the place where the Carpathian Mountains and the valleys are very close, where the Uzh runs. This is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine, the city of fascinating architectural ensembles and outstanding historical monuments, the city of many nationalities and wine making; it is the economic and tourist center of the Trans-Carpathian area.

Ivano-Frankivsk – the population enumerates 230 thousand people. The city is characterized with quiet and repose, the life rhythm is slow even in current tendencies. Every visitor is deeply impressed by the number of cathedrals and city museums. In the evening the city wakes up and lightens, many people enjoy their time in the coffee-shops; talented performers play musical instruments and sing on the streets. This is the atmosphere when you feel free from your problems and stormy everyday life.

Ternopil – it is a modern city with the population of 200 thousand residents; there are many hotels, bars, restaurants and an aqua park. An artificial lake which is as old as the city itself is a nice decoration of Ternopil.

Chernivtsi – it is an astonishing city which reflects traditions of the best architectural styles and Ukrainian hospitality; it surprises and enchants with its beauty and remains in the hearts and minds of the visitors for ever. About 240 thousand people live in Chernivtsi.

Lutsk – it is one of the oldest cities of Ukraine. A lot of stories can be told about the city.

Interesting historical events took place in this city, namely, in 1429 European monarchs met at the convention. Every rock, monument and street is associated with some historical facts.

Places of interest

  • Khotyn fortress

Khotyn fortress is 69 km from the city of Chernivtsi. It is an example of defensive architecture. Severe and frowning walls of the fortress are decorated outside with red bricks in four strips. This fortress goes back to IX century when it was Khotyn fort. 

  • Kamianets-Podilsk fortress

Kamianets-Podilsk fortress was first mentioned in 1374. An exceptional combination of the landscape with a created fortification system, which is second to none in Europe, makes the fortress beyond example.

  • Dovbush’s rocks

Dovbush’s rocks are the monument of nature situated on the altitude of 668 m above the sea level in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Dovbush’s rocks are rocky ledges of sandstone which is 90 m high.

Synevir is the largest lake of the Ukrainian Carpathians, situated on the altitude of 989 meters, its average area is 4-5 hectares, its depth is 8-10 m, the deepest place is 22 m. Because of its altitude above the sea level and the depth, only upper 1-2 meters of the lake can be heated on the warmest days.

  • Ukrainian Carpathians

The mountains stretch for 280 km, the width ranges from 50 to 100 km. The highest peak of Ukraine is Mount Hoverla (2061 meters). In winter a great number of visitors who would like to ski or snow board are welcomed at the recreation/resort areas.

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