Ukraine through the year

You will always be welcomed with warmth and hospitality in Ukraine whenever you come to the country. Every time you arrive you will enjoy your visit immensely. Most visitors come to Ukraine in summer. They prefer to go sightseeing in the capital, to admire architectural masterpieces in Lviv, to have a rest at the sea because the hottest spot is in the south. Recreation complexes and beaches are available in Odesa, Yalta and Simferopol; there you can have a good time.

 Ukraine is a nice attraction in winter – ski mountaineering resorts in the Ukrainian Carpathians are for those who are fond of skiing.

Still many tourists come in spring and autumn, they can tour the best cities of Ukraine, to admire architecture, outstanding historical and cultural monuments.

Ukraine is the country of festivals. Guests of Ukraine are impressed by the variety of festivals and other unforgettable events which are arranged all year round. 


When nature awakens a festival season starts. Also, many exhibitions are held; the most popular among people are “Parade of Tulips” in Nikitinskyi Gardens, “Sakura-Fest” in Uzhhorod and a festival of historic reconstruction in “Ancient Lviv”. A real entertainment for lovers of music is international festival «Lviv’s Weathercocks”. “The Championship of animated sculptures” in Yevpatoriya is worth seeing as well.


The best season will bring exclusive delight for guests-visitors of Ukraine; they will have a chance to attend numerous exhibitions, festivals, etc. The most entertaining events are "Odesa International Cinema Festival" in Odesa, «Green-Jazz-Festival» in Sevastopol, “National Sorochyntsi Fair” in Poltava region, “Global East Rock Festival” in Kyiv, “Kyiv Fashion”, a festival of music fans “Jazz Koktebel”, «WineFeoFest» in Feodosiya, «Beer fest» in Uman.


Many tourists find Ukraine’s autumn colors very attractive, which is why they prefer this season for travelling. Many of them tour the best cities of Ukraine, learning more about cultural and architectural heritage of the country.   

«Wine Fest» is the largest wine festival in Ukraine, held in Kyiv.

Hassidic Pilgrimage – annually about 30 thousand pilgrims come to Uman to celebrate Rosh-Ashana (New Year).


Winter is beautiful in its own way. Numerous competitions and contests take place in western-Ukrainian recreation complexes in the Carpathian Mountains. The Ukrainians are proud of European standard conditions for ski-mountaineering sport. Fashion shows and cultural festivals are arranged in the capital and other cities of the country.

In winter such festivals as Jazz Bez, Lviv Pampukh, Malanka festival are available for tourists. This is the best time for theater goers; opera and ballet houses, numerous theaters all over the country are in the height of the season.

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