Discover Ukraine

Ukraine is a truly unique place to visit. The biggest European country, and located in its very heart, it is strikingly different from the majority of the European nations and is a real mystery for millions of tourists. Travelers from all over the world come here to not only to enjoy its rare nature, but also to be filled with the spirit of the Cossacks, to get to know its rich cultural legacy, and to try its famous borsht. 

Development of the economy
Ukraine is generally an agrarian country and it both provides the needs of the people in agricultural produce and exports the output abroad. The country has good results in industrial development: its leading industries are metallurgical, machine-building and chemical. Ukraine is known for its achievements in aircraft and space industries. Positive changes in the economic life of society are seen everywhere because Ukraine is aimed at adopting world development trends and experience in the economy growth. 
Religion and policy
The major religion in Ukraine is Christianity. The majority of the people are of Orthodox religion. However, many representatives of other religions live in Ukraine. The first historical evidence about Christianity in Kyiv Rus dates back to IX century. In 988 Prince Volodymyr introduced Christianity as national religion. 
A multi-party system is a peculiar feature of the country’s political life that means each party suggests its ideas. The Parliament - Verkhovna Rada – is elected for four years. The leader of the country – President – is elected for five years and can serve only two terms. It has become quite obvious that people get more and more interested in a political life of the country.
Language and culture
Ukrainian is an official language of the Ukrainians. Lots of people speak the language especially in the western region of Ukraine. In other areas of the country the Russian language is widely spread and people feel more comfortable speaking Russian. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian language is used in documents, in most educational institutions, in non-profit and political organizations and other offices.
Cultural traditions of the Ukrainians are numerous – festivals, exhibitions, shows of Ukrainian national cuisine, concerts. Sport completions in football, volley-ball, tennis, skiing and snow-boarding are very popular. Ukraine is famous for its rich national cuisine, liquors playing an important role.

Western Ukraine

Western Ukraine is known for the diversity of its traditions due to the fact that in the past various empires governed the area at different times...

Northern Ukraine

Northern Ukraine with its extensive forests has a well-developed wood processing industry...

Eastern Ukraine

Eastern Ukraine is an urban economically developed region of the country due to coal and iron ore mining industries... 

Southern UKraine 

This is the region of infinite fields and steppes...


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