Upcoming exhibitions in Ukraine

  • Engineering for industry-2012
    September 26-28,2012. Exposition of the state companies and enterprises of FEC of Ukraine - presentation of short- and long-term investment projects.
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  • Protection Technologies-2012
    September 26-28, 2012. XI International Exhibition Forum of fire and technogenic safety, protection and rescue means, prevention and consequencies liquidation of emergencies
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  • Arms and Security-2012
    September 26-29, 2012.IX International Trade Fair of combat, service, hunting and sporting arms, ammunition, optics and accessories, police and military equipment.
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  • Book Exhibition-2012
    September 18-21,2012.7th National Specialized Exhibition Publication, trade, distribution of books, different types of printing production, new publications.
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  • MushroomExpo - 2012
    Sempember 05-08,2012.7th International Specialized ExhibitionTechnologies and equipment for cultivation, storing, processing, packing and transporting of mushrooms.
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  • Paper-2012
    September 18-21,2012. Specialized Exposition Printing, newsprint, office, technical, sanitary-hygienic paper.
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  • Label-2012
    September 18-21,2012. Specialized Exposition of Label products, technologies and equipment for its production.
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  • Aqua Ukraine-2012
    November 6-9,2012. X International Water Forum of water preparation, water supply, water removal, sewage treatment, local water treatment devices.
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  • AgroForum-2012
    November 6-9,2012. IX International agroindustrial Trade Fair of technique, spare parts, equipment, modern technologies in plant growing, cattle breeding, poultry keeping, coarse fodder production, ect.
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  • EuroBuildingExpo
    November 6-9,2012. II Specialized Trade Fair ofindustrial and housing building, architecture and repair works, building technologies, materials and constructions.
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  • Energy Efficiency
    November 6-9,2012. V International specialized trade fair of alternative and renewable energy, energy-efficient and energy-saving technologies, equipment .
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  • Communtech 2012
    November 6-9,2012. X International Trade Fair of energy- and resource saving technologies, equipment, materials for communal heat-power engineering.
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  • Garden.Vegetable Garden. Harvest
    October 11-13,2012. Specialized Exhibition-Fair: Gardening, horticulture, floriculture. Florists. Farm equipment, garden and household equipment.
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  • Vegetables and Fruit of Ukraine
    October 11-13,2012. 9th International Specialized Exhibition Modern technologies and equipment for cultivation, gathering.
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