Conference service

If you have chosen a venue in one of Ukrainian hotels, restaurants or conference halls, or decided to receive your colleagues or customers on your own premises, you will have enjoined their service and never suffered boredom.

Conference halls in Ukraine are offered by the great number of different companies. It is not only training companies, but restaurants, out-of-town (abroad) complexes and hotels. Trainers and psychologists are thinking that the outgoing teaching is more effective, than in the walls of native office. Conference halls are not usually empty. Lending of halls can use under training, seminar, conference, round table or other important discussion.

They have remarkable facilities in hotels and restaurants complexes, and enable the following services:

  • Transportation services, arrangements for meetings, delivery.
  • Arrangements for meetings.
  • Delivery.
  • Venue arrangement (VIP rooms, conference rooms of hotels and suburban recreational centers and any other place you may choose.)
  • Print shop products.
  • Interior design.
  • Professional menu selection.
  • Artistic support.
  • Creative scenario development.
  • Technical support.


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