Ukraine is a relatively young country which entered its new stage of the development and modern history after it had got its independence on August 24, 1991. It is a parliamentary-presidential republic. Stormy political life and huge interest of the population to political events are of significance today. Power bodies function according to an administrative principle.

President of Ukraine

President of Ukraine is the Chief of State, the Head of the Army and the Guarantor of the Constitution of Ukraine, rights and freedoms of the people. President is elected for five years and only for two terms in succession. He is in charge of home and foreign policy of the country. The administration of Ukraine’s President is located in №11 Bankova Street.

Executive power

The highest executive body is Ukraine’s government. It consists of Prime-Minister, First vice prime-minister, three vice prime-ministers and seventeen ministers. The President of Ukraine appoints the Government on the Prime Minister’s presentation. A ministry issues resolutions and decrees within its capacity. Executive committees represent this branch of power in administrative centers. The Government has its offices in №12/2 Hrushevskyi Str. in Kyiv.

   Patrick Van Daele         
   Country Chair
   Shell Ukraine 
“Shell sees Ukraine as a country of great potential.  Its dynamic business environment, though not without challenges, offers interesting opportunities for companies like ours.  We believe Ukraine can produce more energy from its domestic resources. I think Shell is well placed to unlock such potential and will continue working with Ukraine towards better energy self-reliance.”


Legislative power

The main legislative body of the country is Ukraine’s Parliament – Verkhovna Rada. It consists of 450 people’s deputies. Each person represents his/her party or a political bloc. A multi-party system functions in Ukraine. The majority was established in the Parliament. Parliamentary election is held every four years. To create the opposition which monitors misdoings and mistakes of the current majority and suggests its ideas is of great significance. Regional, district and village councils operate all over Ukraine. Verkhovna Rada sits/convenes in №5 Hrushevskyi Str. in Kyiv.   

Judicial power

Judicial branch of power is independent. Supreme Court of Ukraine, which belongs to the courts of general jurisdiction, operates in Ukraine; there are other courts of general jurisdiction and Constitutional Court of Ukraine. A characteristic feature of judicial bodies in Ukraine is their adjustment to an administrative-territorial form, various levels of procedure, stability and solidarity.

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