The South of Ukraine


This is the region of infinite fields and steppes. The area is known for its hottest summers and the highest temperatures of subtropical climate occur in the Crimea, which is why most Ukrainian holiday-makers enjoy their time there. Fascinating landscapes of the Crimean Mountains and the vicinity to the sea are pleasant attractions for foreign visitors. As Ukraine is washed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, the largest recreation complexes, camping areas and resorts are situated there. Southern Ukraine has been famous for wine production since Greek times; the best wines are greatly loved by gourmets.

Odesa, Mykolayiv, Kherson regions and the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea belong to the southern region of Ukraine.


The largest cities

Odesa is situated in the south of Ukraine. It used to have different names, namely, Pivdenna Palmira, Chornomorskyi Babylon, Small Paris, a capital of the south. Today City-Hero Odesa develops as a large industrial and resort center of Ukraine. Mild climate, numerous beaches and a warm sea make it possible to have an enjoyable time in Odesa. No wonder, millions of tourists come to the city every year. It is not enough to see Odesa, you should hear, breathe, taste it. Exclusive Odesa stories, tough songs, extraordinary verses and humor, funny jokes – all these are associated with Odesa.

Mykolayiv is an administrative center of Mykolayiv region; its population is half a million people. The city is situated 65 km from the Black Sea. It has many cultural and architectural places of interest.

Kherson – the city of ships – has a shipyard which is the cradle of Black Sea Fleet. Gorgeous nature reign, rich history, exciting cultural and architectural monuments attract lots of tourists in any season, especially in summer.

Simferopol is a capital of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea. The city consists of three districts: Central, Kyiv, Zaliznodorozhnyi. Each district has a great number of hotels, stores, cafes, restaurants. The name of the city is translated “the city of use”, “the city at the crossroads” from Greek. When you tour the Crimea, you should visit one of its most beautiful cities.

Yalta is one of the most famous city-resorts of Ukraine. The city is situated at the Black Sea shore in the very south of Ukraine. Guests from all over Ukraine and abroad are warmly welcomed in summer.

Places of interest

  • Odesa catacombs are an extraordinary phenomenon; it is not only the factor of man but also of nature. Catacombs are an underground city which stretches for 2,5 thousand kilometers. A lot of legends and stories are connected with it.
  • Derybasivska Street is a street-symbol of Odesa, here architectural masterpieces of XIX century can be seen.
  • Potiomkinski staircase – It is recognized as one of the unique places in Europe. To descend “from the sky to the sea” you should walk 192 stairs down. Looking beautifully near green hills they welcome the city guests and invite them to the sea terminal.
  • Greek-Sophiyivska Church is one of the oldest relics of Chersonese. The church amazes with its beauty and is a pride of the city and the whole region. The place has been called Greek Church lately.

There are many fascinating spots in the Crimea, namely:

  • Karadah – Black Mountain was formed as a result of extinct volcano.
  • Demerdzhi Massif – a valley of ghosts.
  • “Funa” fortress – a borderline fort on the slopes of Demerdzhi mountain.
  • Castles of the Crimea

The Crimea is famous for its castles which reflect historic facts and architectural achievements.

  • Chersonese

The city of Chersonese was founded by ancient Greek settlers more than 2500 years ago in the south-west of the Crimea. At present its ruins are one of the most important monuments of Sevastopol.  This city-state has lived a long life – almost two thousand years; its history is part of the history of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and Byzantine.

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