The North of Ukraine


Northern Ukraine with its extensive forests has a well-developed wood processing industry. The Ukrainians and guests of the country are charmed with the magic beauty of nature.  It is a plentiful source of inspiration for everyone due to splendid lakes and beautiful splashing rivers. It is these regions that fishing and hunting fans should visit.

Northern Ukraine includes such regions as Rivno, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Chernihiv and Sumy.

The largest cities

Rivne – the city is situated in the north-west part of Ukraine. The city was very much damaged during the wars of XX century.  Though the city underwent great difficulties in the course of its development, it is still a highly cultural center of the region with numerous architectural monuments in modern style.

Zhytomyr is a city with 270 thousand people; it is an important cultural and economic center of the region. The city is one of the oldest cultural and historic places of Ukraine.

Chernihiv – both the city and the region are known for their history: here one can see many historic places, architectural masterpieces, numerous temples and churches.

Sumy is one of the few cities in Ukraine where historic monuments are organically connected with beautiful spots of the nature. Sumy is the largest city of the region; its population is 270 thousand people.

Kyiv – nowadays it is a large economic, political and cultural capital of Europe. Over a thousand of cultural and historic monuments are in its historic part. The city is very popular with foreign visitors; it has lots of restaurants, hotels, places for a good rest. Kyiv is active day and night. Kyiv is a place for offices of the world companies and organizations, embassies and consular centers. The city enumerates a great number of business centers, agencies and missions of Ukrainian and world companies. The river Dnipro which divides the city into two parts makes the city look very beautiful. Kyiv is the largest river port of Ukraine. The capital of Ukraine is a cultural and sport center of the country. The Kyiv residents are proud of the best football team in Ukraine. The citizens of the city-hero and all the Ukrainians glory in their capital, which is indeed one of the best capitals in Europe.

Places of interest

  • Piatnytska (Friday) church

The church was built in XIII century and it is situated in Chernihiv. It became a bright example of new ideas of that time in Russian architecture.

  • Andrew’s cathedral

A magnificent showplace is in Kyiv; it is 46 meters high. The cathedral was built in 1744-1767 according to the project of Bartolommeo Rastrelli. It rests on a two-storied building-stylobate with 8 rooms on each floor; the walls are the foundation of the cathedral.

  • Golden gates

This is one of the oldest monuments of history, architecture and fortification weaponry, which survived till our days. The passage through the gates was crowned with a golden dome; this fact can possibly explain the name of this place of interest. The Golden gates are situated in Kyiv.

  • Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra/Minastery

This is the place which is most often attended by the guests of the city. Its history goes back to 1051. In the eleventh century the monastery became the center of advancement and establishment of Christianity in Kyiv Rus.

  • Sophia’s Square 

It is situated in Kyiv; this is the monument of Ukrainian architecture and painting of XI-XVIII centuries; the landmark from the time of Kyiv Rus is among those few which survived. 

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