Travelling by train

Traveling by electric trains

It is a very easy way of traveling. You get your luggage and take a train where you want. It is better to have a ticket with you because a check-taker may come up and ask for it any time. Distinctive features of electric trains are as follows: they make frequent stops and run for short distances.

Traveling by train

It is advisable to buy a ticket and to take your seat. The stop may last for several minutes with some exceptions for cities; in this case passengers may have about 20 minutes to stretch out or to buy some food or drink. Sometimes conductors may ask for your passport to check ticket accuracy.

Before the train starts, make sure you have your entire luggage with you, put it under a lower berth; during your trip keep an eye on your things, especially valuable ones. Smoking is allowed only in the end of the carriage.

Several types of trains operate in Ukraine: express, fast, passenger and shuttle. Express transit exists between big cities, for instance, Kyiv and Kharkiv.

Train tickets are sold in the booking-offices at the railway station. Passenger fare is lower in comparison with automobile transportation.

Through international trips from Ukraine are to the following cities: Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Peremyshl, Vienna, Salonika, Zagreb, Belgrade, Bar, Moscow. Ukraine has international connection with 12 European countries: Poland, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Austria, and Check Republic.

Usually on holiday days more trains operate and carry passengers to any city in the country. The railway network is very convenient as it connects all the cities. So traveling by train in Ukraine causes no problem at all.

Approximate travel time from Kyiv to different cities:

  • Belgrade – 32 hrs
  • Berlin – 24 hrs
  • Bucharest – 28 hrs
  • Budapest – 20 hrs
  • Kishinev – 14 hrs
  • Krakow – 16 hrs
  • Lisbon – 70 hrs
  • London – 38 hrs
  • Madrid – 55 hrs
  • Minsk – 14 hrs
  • Moscow – 10 hrs
  • Paris – 34 hrs
  • Prague – 29 hrs
  • Sofia – 44 hrs
  • St. Petersburg – 20 hrs
  • Vilnius – 18 hrs
  • Warsaw – 18 hrs
  • Zurich – 33 hrs

International tickets are sold in the Central railway bureau which is located not far from the central railway station. It is required to have a passport while buying a ticket; the ticket can be returned to the same ticket office. 

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