Personal security and health


Ukrainian police is called militia. Law-enforcement officers work in public places, shopping centers, parks and squares.

General rules while in Ukraine

To visit Ukraine requires following general safety rules and taking care of your belongings, it is true for any country. To avoid street larceny, it is better to hide valuable things and money when you are in crowded places.

It is recommended to stay away from too much alcohol offered by strangers in the bars.

You should follow general rules while traveling across Ukraine: decent behavior in transport means, availability of an international driver’s license, traffic rules and right driving. According to Ukraine’s legislature, a road police officer has the right to stop a vehicle, to ask for a document and to set a fine in case of traffic violation. The European road sign system exists in Ukraine.

Smoking and alcohol are strictly forbidden in public places, including beer and low-alcohol drinks.

You are required to have your passport and other papers which identify your personality with you during your visit in Ukraine, as police officers may check them any time. A passport is of great significance because it is the only document which proves that your stay in Ukraine is legal. In case you refuse to submit the documents on a police officer’s request, you can be taken into custody. 

While entering Ukraine you are supposed to know general immigration rules. Residents of many countries, including the countries of European Union, have the right to stay in Ukraine for 90 days without a visa.

Health Care

In case you need medical help you will be taken to the hospital (medical insurance is necessary). Medical assistance in private hospitals and health centers is more expensive.

To drink tap water in Ukraine is not recommended. Instead, boiled and bottled water will do you good.

Before traveling abroad you should consult your doctor concerning possible vaccination and medication, in particular the ones you take regularly. It may happen that in the drug-stores there will be only analogues of the medication you need. However, a drug-store network in Ukraine is well-developed and numerous facilities of this kind function in every city. It will not be a problem to find a needed medication.

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