A portrait of Ukraine


Ukraine is the country of rich traditions and cultural values. The country experiences a very driving economical and political life. The country has switched over to a new stage of the development as an independent state which results in persistent and reaches convincing economic and social achievements.

Development of the economy

Ukraine is generally an agrarian country and it both provides the needs of the people in agricultural produce and exports the output abroad. The country has good results in industrial development: its leading industries are metallurgical, machine-building and chemical. Ukraine is known for its achievements in aircraft and space industries. Positive changes in the economic life of society are seen everywhere because Ukraine is aimed at adopting world development trends and experience in the economy growth. Small and average businesses predominate in Ukraine, which is why the Government pursues the policy of simplified taxation giving tax benefits and exempts, the latter being an impetus for the development of the economy in general.   

Religion and policy

The major religion in Ukraine is Christianity. The majority of the people are of Orthodox religion. However, many representatives of other religions live in Ukraine. The first historical evidence about Christianity in Kyiv Rus dates back to IX century. In 988 Prince Volodymyr introduced Christianity as national religion. 

Recently society has paid more and more attention to a political life in Ukraine. A multi-party system is a peculiar feature of the country’s political life that means each party suggests its ideas. The Parliament - Verkhovna Rada – is elected for four years. The leader of the country – President – is elected for five years and can serve only two terms. It has become quite obvious that people get more and more interested in a political life of the country.

Language and culture

Ukrainian is an official language of the Ukrainians. Lots of people speak the language especially in the western region of Ukraine. In other areas of the country the Russian language is widely spread and people feel more comfortable speaking Russian. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian language is used in documents, in most educational institutions, in non-profit and political organizations and other offices.

Cultural traditions of the Ukrainians are numerous – festivals, exhibitions, shows of Ukrainian national cuisine, concerts. Sport completions in football, volley-ball, tennis, skiing and snow-boarding are very popular. Ukraine is famous for its rich national cuisine, liquors playing an important role.

Horilka and other liquors

Horilka is very popular among Ukrainians. Ukraine alone produces 180 kinds of horilka. It holds the first place in exporting this product in Europe. Horilka and other liquors are always served at any festive event.  Ukraine has good traditions of brewing, and various kinds of beer are tasted at the festivals. The Ukrainian Crimea is the queen of vineyards and wine making. Ukraine is in the top five wine-producers in Europe. The exhibitions of new kinds of wines which are attended by real gourmets are arranged every year.  

Interesting facts about Ukraine

  • The deepest subway station is situated in the capital of Ukraine, it is called “Arsenalna”, and its depth is 105 meters.  
  • The shortest main street of the country is Khreschatyk, it stretches for 1225 meters, it is located in the capital city of Kyiv; this is the widest and the most beautiful street.
  • A geographical center of Europe is situated in Ukraine, namely, in the town of Rakhiv, surrounded by the picturesque Carpathian Mountains.
  • Ukraine is the largest country in Europe (except for a European part of the Russian Federation). Besides the following belongs to Ukraine: 5,7 % of the territory of Europe, 0,41% of the world land and 0,85% of the world population.

“Seven Wonders of Ukraine” include: Kamianets-Podilskyi, Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra/Monastery, Khotyn fortress, “Sofiyivka” park,  Kyiv Sophia’s Cathedral, Chersonese Tavriyskyi, Khortytsia island. Among the wonders of nature are such places as “Askania-Nova” reserve, granite-steppe Pobuzhia, Dnistrovskyi canyon, Marmurova (Marble) cave, Podilski Tovtry (mountains), Svitiaz Lake, Synevyr Lake.



Ukraine is a relatively young country which entered its new stage of the development and modern history after it had got its independence on August 24, 1991...

Foreign business community

International business community follows the events that take place in Ukraine after it has got its independence and the current development of the economy and political life...

Doing business in Ukraine

Ukrainian market is very challenging to start up business at it. Ukraine’s rating in the report of the World Bank “Doing Business” in 2011 improved slightly having taken a few points up...


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