Hotel Ramada Encore Kiev will open on the eve of Euro-2012

Added: 2012-05-18
Event date: very soon

On the eve of Euro-2012 Wyndham Hotel Group plans to enter the Ukrainian market with Ramada Encore brand. Hotel Ramada Encore Kiev will be situated in 15 minutes drive from the downtown along Stolichnyi highway 103, as part of a multifunctional Domosphere complex. It is a 20-storey building with 264 rooms and 58 apartments. The hotel will have an outstanding design, wooden floors, bath-rooms made of glass. The infrastructure will comprises a large and modern conference-center (1200 sq. m) consisting of 700 halls, a two-level parking for 515 vehicles. “The guests will be offered a free transfer to the airport and the downtown. We will be the first in Kyiv who provides this service,” – commented Irvant Diuvazh, a hotel general manager. An Italian restaurant, 2 bars and Hub will be available – large areas with tables, chairs, sofas and armchairs where guests can work and rest, play indoor games, have breakfast and lunch, visit with counterparts and fiends, have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. “Kyiv project is expected to be one of the largest among all the Ramada Encore hotels. We will take our three-star niche, but we offer our guests four-star product with high quality service,” Mr Diuvazh added.

Contacts: 103, Stolichnoe Shosse, Kyiv

Bike routes will be introduced in Uzhhorod

Added: 2012-05-17
Event date:
This year tourist routes “Retro-bike” will become a special attraction of the tourist season in Uzhhorod. Bike excursions with slogan “An old city in a new style” are planned next month. The head of the tourism department at Uzhhorod National University shared the information. “Uzhhorod is an interesting city where you see the traces of the history of Ukraine, Hungary, Check Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Romania and Russia, - a researcher comments, - bike excursions give a wonderful opportunity to reveal the mysteries hidden in narrow streets and buildings, to get acquainted with new places of interest in Uzhhorod. This rote is ecological, cheap and convenient.” It is planned that a bike excursion (four languages – Ukrainian, Russian, Slovakian, Hungarian - provided) will last four hours and the tourists will visit Shandor Patefi and Theater squares, Philharmonic society, Cathedral, Check district, Uzhhorod castle and others sights, Participants of the excursion will be supplied with bikes, helmets and insurance, coffee will also be served; more equipment is purchased and a group of tour guides is formed.

Contacts: Uzhhorod

Beautiful island of Odessa city will meet you warmly in the heart of Kyiv

Added: 2012-05-15
Event date:
Beautiful island of Odessa city will meet you warmly in the heart of Kyiv. We have 31 numbers in our new hotel “Black Sea” in Kyiv that please you this summer with low prices of Odessa city. We look forward to seeing you and your friends.

Contacts: 16 Leiptsygskaya Str., Kyiv, Phone: +380443641064

Ecologically friendly parking lots will be built in Kyiv

Added: 2012-05-13
Event date: summer, 2012
This summer Kyiv residents will be able park their cars on the lawns as Europeans do. City council officials decided to solve the problem of parking: to build so-called ecological parking lots. They will be made of special plastic, German technology being used. When there is no vehicle on such parking lot, you get an impression of seeing a lawn. However this “lawn” is not damaged when a car drives on it. “Drivers have more space for parking, and a green zone is preserved, - said the official from the Main department of public works in Kyiv city state administration about the project. – Public workers dig the ground; they plant grass, but vehicles spoil the area. Due to a new technology, both grass and ground are saved.” The cost of a square meter is UAH 190. The parking lots will be created in park and recreation zones, where the concentration of vehicles is the highest; they will also be available near shopping and entertainment centers. The work will be started at the end of May; within a month district public work departments will be ready with lists of the places where such parking lots are most necessary.

Contacts: Kyiv, Ukraine

Medieval battles will take place in the vicinity of Kyiv

Added: 2012-05-13
Event date: May 18-20, 2012
On May 18-20, one of the largest historical festivals on the territory of Eastern Europe “Kyiv Rus of XIII century” will be held near Kyiv. The event is devoted to the 1150th anniversary of the state of Kyiv Rus and the 1130th anniversary of Kyiv as its capital. The best 500 warriors of the historical reconstruction clubs of Ukraine and other countries will be on the battle field. Spectators will witness authentic restoration of important battles of XIII-XIV centuries: night battles “Reconstruction of the battle on Blue waters”, a battle “Rus against Tribe”… There will be a lot of entertainment for children: pony riding, changing into brave warriors and fight with “the inhabitants” of Ancient Kyiv having swards in their hands. No worries for parents: swards are soft and “inhabitants” are professional actors. Adults will also be well-entertained: to stop by a medieval shooting place to pretend to be an archer shooting with bow and arrow, to throw knives and axes. Some will be able to take part in master-calls how to handle medieval weapons, to get blacksmith skills and to mint coins. There will be a wonderful opportunity to buy some “medieval” souvenirs at a local fair and to taste dishes and drinks of the old times. To finish it up – fire show and fireworks will take place. Park “Kyiv Rus”, a village of Kopachiv, Obukhiv district, Kyiv region (34 kilometers from Kyiv), 18-20 May. Working hours are 10:00-22:00. Entry fee for adults is UAH 100; UAH 50 – for retired people, 60 UAH for students who have ISIC card, free – for children and school children.

Contacts: Kyiv, Ukraine

Licensed beaches are opened in Kyiv

Added: 2012-05-13
Event date: summer, 2012
This summer 11 official beaches will function in the capital. The following ones will be available for those who like to swim and repose: “Chortoryi”, “Verbnyi”, “Puscha-Vodytsia”, “Molodizhnyi”, “Venice”, “Peredmiska Slobidka”, “Zolotyi”, “Dytiachyi”, “Raiduha”, “Telbin” and “Tsentralnyi”. In fact, 29 recreation areas (the total area is 230 ha) will be ready for summer season, said an official of Kyiv city state administration. Mr Pohodiy added part of the Central beach on Trukhanov Island will be available for the guests of Euro-2012 from Sweden; other people will be able to visit the rest of the territory. “We take certain measure aimed at improving the conditions of the beaches – new sand, water system and sewage,” he said. Mr Pohodiy made it clear that after Euro-2012 the Central beach on Trukhanov Island will not be an elite place for rest. “After the European football championship we will remove all the fences and shortly it will be open for all those are willing to repose here,” he stressed. In Kyiv swimming season will start on June 1.

Contacts: Kyiv, Ukraine

New information center will be opened in Lviv in the context of EURO-2012

Added: 2012-05-13
Event date: June 1, 2012
On June 1 a city information center will start operating in Lviv. Its telephone number is +38 032 297-55-55. A well-known “hot” line of the city will also work – 15-80. “Information support during Euro-2012 will be provided through Information center and hot line of the city. A partner-company will be involved; there a call-center with 10 operators will work. They will use multi-channel telephones and receive calls from the guests and residents of the city. “Hot” line is also of great importance; its number is 15-80 and it has been in operation for three years. This service is well known and in great demand among people. The system will work in its established regime. However, we plan to increase the number of operators, to improve the service technically so that we will be able to receive the number of calls we expect. At the same time people will get information and assistance in solving unexpected problems through “hot” line,” said Valentyna Bartoshyk, a logistics manager of Lviv city council.

Contacts: Lviv, Ukraine

Kyiv will welcome a dancing festival

Added: 2012-05-02
Event date: May 5, 2012

Sensation Innerspace is a prominent dancing event of the planet which will be held in the International exhibition center on May 5, 2012 (15 Brovarskyi Ave., Kyiv). This year the initiators will demonstrate the show Innerspace based on the visualization of man’s energy system. The creators of the show, Dutch company ID & T, consider Innerspace to be their best achievement in their 12-year history. In addition to innovative effects and scenery, a unique dress-code is a peculiar feature of Innerspace – visitors are expected to come to the show dressed in white. The developers of Sensation devoted their new show Innerspace to spirituality of modern man.

Contacts: 15 Brovarskyi Ave., Kyiv

Nice holidays in the heart of the city!

Added: 2012-04-28
Event date: from May, 1 till the first rainy days:))

Dear guests and residents of Kyiv city! We are glad to announce that the restaurant "Lybid" invite you to enjoy time on our cozy summer terrace- an amazing place for business meetings and friendly sittings. We offer you to taste delicious European cuisine in a warm atmosphere. We are always happy to see big and small companies. Comfortable tables, lounge music, urban landscape of the centre part of the city and excelant service - all the best for our guests.

Contacts: Ukraine, Kyiv, Hotel Lybid, 1, Peremogy Sq

Cottage town will be open in Kyiv

Added: 2012-04-25
Event date: from June 2 till July 1, 2012

During the Euro-2012 championship, in addition to a fan-zone, “Eurotown” will function near the Arch of Friendship in Kyiv. According to the information center of “Ukraine-2012”, it will operate from June 2 till July 1, 2012; numerous programs devoted to Ukraine’s euro-integration, fashion displays, a European film festival, concerts of preferably Ukrainian pop singers will be available. A mini-football ground will be set up in “Eurotown” to arrange various tournaments: between embassies of European courtiers, European football institutions and “Fair game” project; in team with Football Federation of Ukraine a mini-tournament for children’s teams will be held. According to the officials’ expectation, three-five thousand people will visit “Eurotown” every day.

Contacts: Kyiv

A new dolphinarium will be open in Yevpatoriya

Added: 2012-04-20
Event date: April 29, 2012
On April 29 the largest dolphinarium in Ukraine will be open in Yevpatoriya, says the press-service of the Cabinet of Ministers. The event will take place in the context of the celebration of the beginning of the resort season. The area for visitors to view the performances houses 700 seats. A new program with the participation of seals and dolphins is prepared; next season sea-lions’ performance will be shown. The program is mostly focused on children. This February experts in philosophy, nature protection and animal behavior made presentations at the conference of the American association of science development, which was held in Vancouver, they all agreed that dolphins had to be treated as “individuals” whose rights of life and freedom were to be respected.

Contacts: Yevpatoriya, the ARC

Andriyivskyi uzviz (Andrew’s Descent) will be open on the eve of the City Day of Kyiv

Added: 2012-04-17
Event date:

Andriyivskyi uzviz (Andrew’s Descent) will be open on the eve of the City Day of Kyiv The reconstruction work of Andrew’s Descent will be completed before festive celebrations of the Kyiv City Day, as Mykhailo Kuchuk, the assistant head of Kyiv city administration, has said recently. “At present substitution and construction of engineering network are done, in particular, sewerage, which did not exist before, was built. Some additional drainage work was performed to prevent damage of the buildings because of water excess. Presently about a hundred of workers are involved in facade improvement. Besides, the foundation will be strengthened and roofs will be repaired,” Mykhailo Kuchuk added. According to the city administration official, both roadways and pavements of Andrew’s Descent will have up-to-date paving. Green planting will be performed, benches, signs on the buildings, outside lighting will be done in a unified style. “We do our best to accomplish all the reconstruction work in time, to eliminate all inconveniences for tourists and guests of the street, Andrew’s Descent, and its museums,” Mykhailo Kuchuk stressed.

Contacts: Andriyivskyi uzviz, Kyiv

Black Sea Pearl contest at Londonskaya Hotel

Added: 2012-04-17
Event date: 17th of April
On the 17th of April, 2012 Londonskaya Hotel was pleased to host the Black Sea Pearl Contest sponsored by Odessa’s Tour Operators and Travel Agencies Association. Awards were given to the best travel agencies and other leaders in the travel industry of the region. This year Londonskaya Hotel gathered professionals from travel agencies, hotels, resorts and air transport representatives to choose the best in 26-nominations.

Contacts: Primorsky blvd. 11, Odessa

May Holidays Barbecue-Menu at Londonskaya Hotel

Added: 2012-04-17
Event date: May 1, 2012
To celebrate opening of the Summer Garden of Londonskaya Hotel on May 1st, the Executive Chef put together a special grill menu. All dishes will be prepared right on the courtyard in front of your eyes. With great location in two steps from Primorsky Boulevard, Potemkin’s Stairs and Duc de Richelueu Monument you can combine sightseeing and dining. 10% discount for Londonskaya Hotel's guests.

Contacts: Primorsky blvd. 11, Odessa

Tulip exhibition will open in the Crimea

Added: 2012-04-17
Event date: April 14, 2012
On April 14 an exhibition “Parade of tulips” will be open in Nikitskyi Botanical Gardens on the southern seashore of the Crimea, over 160 varieties of foreign and domestic selection will be demonstrated at the exhibition. As the employees responsible for the exhibition say, the event is devoted to the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the Gardens, a new tulip variety, developed for the jubilee, will be presented at the exhibition, the exhibition will last for two-three weeks. Nikitskyi Botanical Gardens was founded in 1812; it is one of the most outstanding natural bio-laboratories in Ukraine.

Contacts: Crimea

Odesa welcomes tourist assembly

Added: 2012-04-11
Event date: May 18-20, 2012
On May 18-20, 2012 the Xth Jubilee International Assembly of tourist business, Odesa tourist festival will take place on the main street of Odesa – Derybasivska Street. The arrangement of the Days of Europe in Ukraine is aimed at exposing Ukrainians to European values and it is also connected with the strategic course of the country to come closer to the countries of the European Union. Ambassadors and consuls of the European Union states will take part in the celebrations. The major aim of the International Assembly of tourist business is to promote and popularize the Ukrainian tourist product at local and international markets, to enhance the cooperation between Ukrainian and foreign travel agents, to help integrate Ukraine into the world market of tourist service.

Contacts: Odesa, Derybasivska Street

A new hotel of a higher quality standard will be opened in Kyiv

Added: 2012-03-11
Event date: March 27, 2012

On March 27, 2012 a new hotel of the highest quality (Fairmont Grand Hotel Company) will be opened in Kyiv. It will be the sixth hotel of this class in the capital of Ukraine and the only hotel of Fairmont consortium in Eastern Europe. 

The building, which houses 258 rooms of different range, will be situated in the downtown near Kontraktova square and Golden Gates. The hotel will have 54 suites so that leaders of the countries and official delegations can stay there. Five bars and restaurants, a large ball-room (200 sq. m) are available.  There is good news for business people: the hotel has 8 conference-halls with up-to-date equipment and the Internet access.   The hotel has the largest backyard under a glass roof in Ukraine.

Contacts: Address – 1 Naberezhno-Khreschatytska Str. E-mail - [email protected]

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